Undeniably, we live in a technology-dependent World. It is estimated that 95 percent of Americans own a cell phone of any kind, with 77 percent of them owning smartphones. This creates an environment where questions can be both asked and answered almost immediately. This places immense pressure on companies to keep up with the digital market and make sure they’re ready to handle any situation. When it comes to marketing, traditional methods are completely viable and often times necessary; however, companies may be losing potential clients and dollars by not having an updated website or utilizing digital marketing possibilities..


Social Media

Arguably one of the most important aspects for a company to learn about and take advantage of when pursuing digital marketing. Social media has become an incredible advertising platform. By linking your website to social media outlets such as Facebook and Instagram, you’re giving yourself the opportunity to capture new clients for a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing sources. There are over two billion active users on Facebook. Imagine the traffic your website could be seeing if you were actively posting content on Facebook. There are plenty of other platforms for generating additional traffic such as YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Posting consistent content across various social media outlets can also help to boost your ranking in organic search results.

What is SEO and why does it matter?

What even is SEO and why is it so important for marketing? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Essentially, we use specific phrases and keywords to help customers in need of your product, find your product organically (unpaid). In order for this to be possible, your website also needs to be built in a manner that is friendly for search engines. Considering Google accounts for roughly 75 percent of all searches, you can begin to see why this is so important. SEO is the optimal way to reach your target demographic digitally. Facebook and other social media platforms can also help drive traffic to your website, but to a lesser degree.

Web Design and Development

Unique stands out, so why would you settle for some cookie-cutter website that looks like thousands of other sites? It’s rather difficult to sell your product online if you are lacking a proper website. This is where companies such as ZimmTekk make their impact. By creating a custom website tailored to your image and dream you establish an essence of professionalism. If you’re proud of the product or service you offer, use your website to showcase your work.

Web Design

Web design and web development often get confused with each other. Web design is the process of designing the layout and elements of a website. This is often done with programs like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. A finished web design is typically a file such as a PDF. With a design alone, you will not have a functioning website, but rather a visual representation of what the website will look like.

The design of your website can have astronomical effects on the user experience. The positioning of items throughout the website is paramount in making sure your visitors find the information they are looking for and take the actions that you want them to. When it comes to design, you generally want navigation and content to be intuitive and easy to use. Many large-scale companies higher UX (user experience) experts to constantly test different designs and measure the effects on visitor conversion rates.

Web Development

Web Development is the process of coding the website in a way that will make it match the design visually while functioning as a proper website. This step of building a website is so important because using different techniques can greatly increase the likelihood of your site assisting you with your business goals. Things such as keeping page load speeds to a minimum, using SEO best practices, and creating interesting animations that will keep customers on the page are often overlooked by novices trying to create a website. Utilizing best SEO practice can drastically improve your traffic. Web development is also the phase in building a website where you can begin to add advanced functionality. For example, allowing users to create an account and log in, adding e-commerce functionality, or even dynamically changing content according to certain situations.

We have found that referring to the entire website creation process as “building a website” is a less confusing way to go about then grouping everything into “web design”. When purchasing website services, be sure to double check what the end result will be. Nothing is worse than expecting a fully functioning website and receiving a functionless PDF that you then have to hand to a developer and pony up more cash instead.

Having your website properly designed and developed sets the pace for more leads, clients, traffic, and money. As said previously, traditional marketing methods are generally more expensive than digital. Having a custom built website opens up an overwhelming area of opportunity, so make sure you’re taking advantage of that!

Traditional vs Digital Marketing

Often there is debate over whether traditional marketing or digital marketing is the route to take for building clients and gaining exposure. Instead of saying which is “better” per se, let’s address some pros and cons of each.

Traditional Pros

  • Easily reach the target audience.
    • Run advertisements through the local radio, newspaper, or even printed flyers.
  • The materials are physical.
    • Giving the target audience physical material about your product or service allows them to easily review it time and time again.
  • It’s easier to understand.
    • Most people are regularly exposed to hard copy marketing, thus making them more inclined to act.

Traditional Cons

  • Little interaction with customers and medium.
    • Essentially, you’re just hoping to get your name seen or heard.
  • Little to no targeting
    • Sure, you can pick a publication, radio station, or TV channel that is related to your niche. Other than that, there is no way to target potential customers with aspects that would make them more likely to do business with you.
  • Print or radio can be costly.
    • Not only do you have to pay for the material, but someone to distribute it as well.
  • Difficult to measure results.
    • You will have to do some real guessing and number crunching in order to determine if the marketing strategy was even successful.

Digital Pros

  • Target both locally and internationally.
    • Further specify by demographics (age, gender, etc.)
  • Choose how the audience receives content.
    • Some people like YouTube videos, some people like blogs. Tailor the content for each audience and get the most for your money.
  • Encouraged interaction with customers and medium.
    • Can suggest prospective and existing clients check out your blog, visit your website, as well as review and rate your products and services.
    • This information is also visible for your market to examine.
  • Digital marketing can be highly cost-efficient.
    • There are many tools, such as Google Analytics, that make tracking data and results more efficient as well.

Digital Cons

  • Early recognition is difficult
    • Many people will overlook a small business that doesn’t have a large portfolio or reviews/ratings.
  • More difficult learning curve than traditional
    • In order to ensure the best results, it is important to learn about all of the topics previously discussed in greater detail.
    • This also means professionals doing this for you can charge a premium.
  • Increasing demand means increasing competition
    • As the digital market continues to expand there will always be innovators looking to set the trend of the next big digital marketing breakthrough.

The Simple Truth

Digital marketing is rapidly changing and evolving as does technology altogether. Seemingly ever-increasing platforms and tools become available to make your marketing needs easier, faster, and more effective than ever. However, as is true with most marketing strategies, there is no tried and true equation. There are techniques, classes, and tutors to help eliminate error and increase marketing results. There are data monitoring tools to see exactly what results are being achieved. Nevertheless, getting the best results from your marketing campaigns is a process. There will need to be frequent monitoring of current data in order to allow the greatest impression and results. Not every campaign is going to be as successful as the next, but the times when things don’t go as planned are opportunities to learn and plan for the results you desire.






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