There’s no denying, businesses that have a highly functioning website are able to generate more leads. More leads convert to more customers with means an increase in revenue, and isn’t this the goal of running a business? Just as business best practices and techniques are always changing, so is technology. These factors go hand-in-hand, and it is pivotal to your business’s success that you adapt and stay steadfast with the competition.

Google Local Pack

As stated above, and is quite obvious to those who are tech-savvy, technology is always changing. Google is no exception to this and, if anything, often sets the precedence for the next winds of change. Recently, we wrote a blog post describing some of the changes to the Google Local Pack. Google has decreased the number of listings from the original ten posts, to seven, and finally down to three.

Why does this matter for local businesses? Due to the decreased number of listings, the difficulty of landing on a local search result has increased proportionately. Although there are some rare cases in which a business can be listed without a website, you’ll be far more likely to solidify a spot with one. For many consumers, especially those who are not familiar with your product or service, a website is their first impression of your brand.

So, not only are you more likely to appear on Google with a well put-together website, but you’re also aiming to give potential customers the smoothest digital experience and interaction with your business.

Social Interactions & Expectations

Just trying to get recognized using Facebook isn’t enough. It is not under your control exclusively, nor is it a cohesive representation of your brand. Facebook is very useful, but should not be solely relied upon. This is something that is commonly seen, however. Many Google listings will have their Facebook page linked because they lack an actual website. For maximum efficiency and landing page views, your website should be tied to Google, with links to other platforms available through your site.

People are looking to learn more about your business and the people that work there. Building trust with them and achieving respect is vital to their decision to do business with you. To learn more about essential website elements that will help you achieve this, stayed tuned for future blogs covering this topic specifically.

Collecting contact information via websites is very powerful. Be prepared to follow up with leads promptly. Certain systems can increase your success rate with inbound leads (automated email, onboarding, proper sales strategies). A highly functioning sales funnel from start to finish can have tremendous results in converting visitors into paying customers.

Digital strategies for a digital world

The world is becoming ever increasingly more reliant on technology, both in their personal lives and for business practices. Based on data from 2017, humans are spending on average 5.9 hours on digital devices per day. It is expected that these numbers will continue to grow as well. People are borderline oversaturated with information, so you really want to make sure your website and content are able to compete.

Traditional media is steadily declining, while digital marketing channels are growing exponentially. For more information regarding these two marketing tactics, read our blog about traditional vs digital marketing.

Recently we completed a website for the wonderful people over at speeding movers. They are further proof that incorporating a website into your business model can bring forth increased conversions and customers. Almost immediately after the website was launched, they began seeing consistent contact form submissions.

Options for creating a website

Obviously, not every business is the same, nor are their needs the same. Our upcoming blog will help you get a better understanding of different options for different businesses, and provide you with the necessary information to pick the best option for your business.

Sure, there are a few website builders available that may be good enough for what you need. These builders are generally far cheaper than hiring a professional and oftentimes are even free. Some of the more popular options available are Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, and WordPress. These options are very popular with DIY’ers and will provide you with the ability to create and moderately edit a website. There are tons of themes available, and many of the customizations are straight forward and easy to use. However, working with a professional such as us has quite a few advantages.

Turning over the responsibility of building a beautiful custom website to the professionals saves hours of precious time that could otherwise be spent working on what you’re passionate about. Not only will time be saved, but more than likely the final product will speak for itself. Professionals are generally more adept at incorporating custom coding and high converting designs to make your website feel less cookie-cutter and improving overall functionality. Unless you have design skills and have studied best practices when it comes to website design, chances are a DIY website will not perform the same as a professionally built one. Again, companies like ZimmTek and other web designers are professionals for a reason. We have hundreds and thousands of hours of experience, not to mention many have formal training and practice that makes them excellent at delivering the highest quality work.

Get started on your dream website

The digital aspect of marketing, as well as technology as a whole, are everchanging. Because of the rampantness of people using technology to grow a business, or even to make informed purchases, websites are becoming increasingly vital to a business’s success. Although it is possible to be successful without one, certain expectations and lacking information will become a hindrance. Whether you choose to build your own website or contact a digital agency is entirely your choice, but we implore that you do move forward with incorporating a website into your business model. A website is one of your businesses main faces, so to speak, and gives a clear idea about your products or services.

If you do decide to begin developing a website and want to stick to having the professionals do it, we have a variety of services and pricing options. Maybe you’re not in the place to drop 500 dollars as a one-lump sum. Rest assured because we also provide a pay-as-you-go option. Check out our website services today, and let us help your business stand out and begin growing exponentially.

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